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A: Some of the JustEssentials™ products feature a warranty i.e.
• 3 in 1 baby carrier
• Furniture
• Mattress
These mentioned products feature a one-year local warranty.

A: When the item is in a cot mode the age range is from birth up to 18 months. When the item is in a bed mode the minimum age shall not be less than 18 months and the maximum age shall not be more than 4 years old.

A: The maximum weight range is 12 kg.

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A: In the unlikely case of any defect in the goods, JustEssentials™ liability shall be limited solely to the replacement of defected goods. We will do our best to make the replacement procedure as simple as possible.

account information

A: Interested buyers will send inquires to info@justessentials.com and the approved inquires will be given a username and password to access their accounts.

Q: Do I have to create an account to order?
A: Yes, refer to our login link.


A: No, we only deal direct with wholesalers, for retail purchases please refer to where to buy.


A: JustEssentials™ will be more than happy to supply you with top-quality products. We do however always review your application, shop concept and location first as we want to make sure that there's a right fit between the shop and the products.

A: No you have to make purchases based on our minimum quantity.

A: Yes, there is a minimum order quantity for more information please contact info@justessentials.com

Q: Where do your products originate?
A: We source the best products that are designed in the UAE, and manufactured from all over the world: UAE, China, Romania, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.

A: JustEssentials™ values high quality and believes in producing only the best products. Therefore, all of the JustEssentials™ products comply with international standards. To view some of our certification please refer to about us page.

A: We value high quality and innovative designs, please send your proposal to info@justessentials.com